What comes to mind when you hear the term Asian? How are Asians portrayed in media? These are some of the questions asked by volunteers of the “Outpost: Asian Canadians Reframed” project. Our goal is to create awareness of Asian Canadian issues and to promote a community dialogue on perceptions of Asian Canadians.

What We Do:Asian Canadians Reframed

Our volunteers will scour the streets of BC’s Lower Mainland collecting people’s perceptions of Asian Canadians on Post-It notes. The responses will be sorted, analyzed and categorized. Based on the responses collected, an interactive photo exhibition will be displayed at University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University to promote further dialogue. The intent of the exhibit is to present a “snapshot” of how Asian Canadians are perceived.

You Can Help Us Grow!

Please help our project grow by filing out our online survey! Tell your friends and family about us, spread the word, fill out the survey several times! We’d love to hear all that you have to say and we’ll do our best to showcase them all!